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Art adds value to a space, to a place, to human soul. Art is the emmotion in us and it needs expression.


In this decorative work, the expression was about preserving the nature, the life. It was meant as a warning that dead nature is not nature anymore, but only a reminder of what we lost...

Collaboration work with Rudy Varna

NURSERY furniture

The best equipped nursery in Romania at this time, all furniture design and concept made by DEREI.

Locally executed by furniture makers DOMUS from Baia Mare city (Romania).

Collaboration work with Bradley Abbott


Diverse furniture designs for diverse clients, each ones with their own needs and tastes, trying to find the best for everyone.


What I can offer is only limited by the boldness of the client, the courage to embrace new ideas.


For more exmples of my work, please contact me and I will be happy to show to you, to have a nice conversation and who knows, maybe even a mutually beneficial collaboration.

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