My Best Work in depth

Take your time and admire some work I did over the time. All you see here is not my limitation, but an example of flexibility.

Please contact me for any questions that you may have.


More than a chair, a sculptural element that gets out from the conventional lines of stools and chairs that you may be used to.

Manufactured from oak wood, LAMELLA Stool is designed to be visually light while having a tough construction.


This artistic object was intended to be produced in a very limited number of copies, to preserve its artistic value and if it happens for you to be the happy owner of some of them then be proud of having a exclusive piece of art !



Combining simplicity with usefulness, this end table is both a eye-catching element in your room and you will always have your favorite book at handy.

The minimalist concept, with straight lines, combined with the naturalness of wood, the "organicity" of the wood as natural occuring material are providing harmony.


MAGICA lighting

Sometimes you need something only for you, tailored for your own needs. Then, I study you, I learn who you are, what fits you best and I come in with THE SOLUTION.

That was the case with MAGICA lighting, a set of lighting fixtures for a restaurant, where everything started from a sketch on a paper.


It was made of steel, by hand and with a lot of dedication.

Collaboration work with Rudy Varna