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Who am I ?

When ambition meets creativity and imagination meets skill, great Art is born. This is me Andrei Petrar.


I specialize in sculptural decorations, unique furniture items, object design. I also do interior and furniture design. Art with its different forms too a place of every part of life.


I've been introduced to the world of Art since I was a kid. Drawing was the first gate that led to that world. When I was at the age of about Six, drawing was a way to express myself as most of kids at this age do. My new passion appeared in the 11th grade, but this time I got interested in photography, as I found it a way to express myself. The funny part about this is that before I always hated photography. However, surprisingly I grew passion towards it, and turned to be more than just a hobby. This passion has been improved at the university, as I chose to study photography. As well as my drawing has developed thanks to drawing courses. I also worked as a wedding photographer for almost 2 years.


My journey with furniture designing started with a summer job in a furniture company, and progressed to be more professional and creative with time. Eventually this is where my boat landed, with sculptural decorations and furniture design I found my passion, I could let my imagination flow to show the world that unique designs can create a different way of showing beauty and see them with different eyes... As it's possible to find beauty in everyday objects and come up with something creative and different...


I made this site to be able to share with you my passion doing these creations, and be able to make more unique and unusual furniture items and exceptional sculptural decorations.

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